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Description, Objectives and Organization Chart
Exchange Program J-1 Visa
Specialty  Occupation H-1B Visa
Temporary Professional Worker TN Visa
Short Term Academic Activities B1/B2  Visa, WB/WT admission
Professor Recruitment in Tenure Track Position (Permanent Residency)
Visa Waiver Program
UPR Policies and Certifications Regarding Travels to Cuba

Important Notice - Changes in the admission process for visitors traveling under the Visa

Feb. 21, 2012         Waiver Program (VWP)- DHS has automated the I-94W process for all VWP

                              travelers applying for admission at U.S. airports of entry.  VWP travelers

                              arriving by air no longer need to complete paper Form I-94W to U.S.

                              Customs and Border Protection.  For more information visit the U. S.

                               Customs and Border Protection Webpage.


Welcome to our Website!  We have designed it to present basic information, procedures, and Institutional policies (UPRRP) that you can use as guides in your projects with visiting foreigners.  The presence of a diversity of countries in our Campus, through the international exchange, strengthens our academic programs and our cultural activities.  However, this will not be possible if we are not able to obtain or guide the foreign visitor to obtain the suitable (correct) admission to our country.  Our Program exists to support and guide you.

Here you will find information, guidelines, procedures, UPR Río Piedras Campus Policies, and links for offices related with  immigration, international education and our own institution.  The information included in this website does not substitute the requirement (when required) to consult and make an appointment for an interview with the Director or other personnel from our Program.  When an invitation to a foreigner is considered, it is necessary to examine all the circumstances under which the visit will take place, so that the correct procedure for each petition is used.  Therefore, sometimes we will refer you to this website; others we will require you to make an appointment so that we can discuss your project.  These guides, procedures and forms (except for the immigration rules, regulations and forms) have been developed according to the UPR Río Piedras Campus Regulations and Policies.

To our readers outside the UPR Río Piedras Campus, we clarify that these guides, procedures and policies were made according to our Campus academic and administrative needs and structure, and do not apply to other circumstances.  If you need guidance about particular subjects, please contact us and we gladly will help you.


Aida Castañer Martínez, Director

"El hombre es un ser que imagina y su razón misma no es sino una de las formas de ese continuo imaginar.  En su esencia, imaginar es ir más allá de sí mismo,  proyectarse, continuo trascenderse.  Ser que imagina porque desea, el hombre es el ser capaz de transformar el universo entero en imagen de su deseo."       

       Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize, México

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